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Before You Start

Game Compatibility🧭


If you're a developer interested in listing your game on Haste Arcade, you've come to the right place. First things first: let's talk compatibility.

Haste Arcade's SDK currently supports browser-based games made using JavaScript or TypeScript. We know that's not ideal for everyone, but don't worry! Our API is publicly available to help you integrate HLP and list other types of games. We also support and encourage developers to build SDKs for other tech stacks, all of which will remain open source to ensure the best possible developer experience.

Desktop or Mobile Games

If you already have a desktop game you're looking to list, fear not! Haste can support desktop games, but the process looks a little different than the one detailed in the SDKs. Make sure to read the "All Games" section below and for an overview on listing your desktop game, check out this section.

Security and Cheating

Before you get started developing or listing your game, make sure to check out the Security section to ensure your game is compliant with Haste's security standards. No one likes a cheater!

Aesthetics and Graphics

Last but certainly not least, you should consider the players' experience before developing your game. Excellent graphics can make for a fun experience, but aesthetics and game design will significantly impact your success in the Arcade. Before you spend a dollar or dive into the code, spend some time brainstorming your game and creating mockups. You can build a proof of concept without integrating with Haste and quickly determine if your game is viable. Also, we love brainstorming and bouncing around ideas. Please talk to us in discord before you spend a lot of time or money because we can probably help save you time during the development phase and make your player's experience better.

All Games🎮

Core Concepts

If you've done this before but need a quick refresher, head over to the Quick Start section.

If you're new here, welcome! We're so glad you're here. Before you get started listing your game, there are a couple of things you should know:

  • Haste Arcade uses Haste Leaderboard Payout (HLP). For games to fit well with the HLP model they need to be skill-based games that have a clear method of scoring each gameplay. Scoring can be based on collecting items, defeating enemies, time-based, a combination of the previous methods, etc. In short, your game scores must be easily ranked and displayed on a leaderboard.
  • If you want to talk more with us about our future support plans or have any questions going through the process of listing your game, don't hesitate to talk to us on Discord.

Okay, that's all! For detailed instructions on how to list your JavaScript / Typescript browser-based game on Haste Arcade, go here.

Haste Arcade Checklist

Game Design

  • Your game should adhere to an authoritative server or similar pattern to reduce the opportunity for malicious actors. You can read more here.
  • Ultimately your game needs some way to rank your players against other players and use that to submit scores to the Haste API either through the SDK or APIs.


  • Be sure to check out the full Branding section.
  • A game logo, artwork, and at least one photo must be added through the developer portal.
  • Your game must include a 'Sign in with Haste' button. The asset can be found here.
  • You game must include a 'Made with Haste' button. The asset can be found here.


  • Your game should adhere to an authoritative server or similar pattern to reduce the opportunity for malicious actors. You can read more here.
  • Your game should utilize the web and server SDKs to manage JWTs used by the Haste ecosystem. Your server side code should have JWT validation for any protected endpoint.
  • You have made every effort to follow industry best practices like adhering to OWASP. If you need help or desire a second opinion please discuss with the Haste community through Discord.

Error Handling

  • Be sure to check out Common Errors.
  • Both server and client code should handle errors appropriately and follow industry best practices. See here for specific haste errors that will need to be handled.


  • You must connect a handcash wallet in order to create a game. Please ensure that the wallet used is where you desire your payments to be sent.


  • Be sure to check out Testing.
  • The Haste SDK allows you to specify a non-production environment for testing. All non production environments for your game should use non-production to prevent payments from being made. Please use an environment variable as a parameter to the .build function.